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[Asahi Shimbun] A new project will start in July!

We will deliver a new page that you can learn and connect with your readers!

Asahi Shimbun new page
New project on Asahi Shimbun from July 2021

New projects will appear one after another on the paper from July. Aiming to deepen the connection between readers and reporters, we will deliver "learning" that is useful for work and life. We aim to create newspapers that are more enjoyable and enjoyable than ever before. ■ "Reporter Salon": A place to connect and an introduction I want to explore a new form of journalism in the with corona era. With that in mind, the online press event "Press Salon," which provides opportunities for people to connect with each other and between people and society, has begun. We will introduce the event on paper. ■ "Manabiba Tensei Jingo" headline and English As new ways to use "Tensei Jingo", we will start "Making headlines" that will help improve reading comprehension and "English course" to learn current affairs English. ■ "Sunday World Economy" International Economic Reading We will start the "Sunday World Economy" to understand the trends of the international economy in an easy-to-understand manner. ■ "Inheritance meeting of my home" Let's learn from the basics The "Inheritance Meeting of My Home", which begins on the Re Life page of the Saturday reprint "be", is a series of lessons learned from "Kihon no Ki" about inheritance. ■ "Sudoku" The number puzzle "Sudoku" appears in the morning edition. In principle, it will be posted on the social side from Tuesday to Friday.

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Please look forward to the new project from July!


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